The condition of the monastery today.      

The Monastery owes its name as “Monastery of Virgin Mary of Myrtidiotissa”, from the icon of Virgin Mary that was found by father Daniel, after a vision he saw, in a cave between myrtles at the same point that the monastery was built later.
The Monastery exists until our days surviving from raids of pirates, robberies, natural destructions and the biggest and more important enemy for every human creation, the deterioration of time.
Today, a young monk, father Daniel is serving at the monastery.
His dream and daily struggle is to eliminate the marks of time left over the years on the Monastery.
He began a big effort the summer of 2006, that already has yielded admirable improvement in the functional problems that existed in the buildings but also the remainder places of the Monastery.
With minimal financial resources he hopes, with the help of God and the support of people, to find the courage to continue and complete his work.
Apart from the repairs and the improvements that he has accomplished up to day, another task of father Daniel is his effort to enrich the fauna of the region, that is, raising animals that were abounded in the area at the old days (hares, rabbits, goats etc) and letting them free again in the surrounding forest of the Monastery but also the mountain of Agios-Georgios generally.
Another of his future dreams is to restore and to repair the traditional oil factory located in the Monastery (the mechanisms and presses are dated from 1896), so that it will be again functional.
This will give the Monastery the ability to produce once again its oil, but not only this, also the farmers of the region that wish to produce their oil the traditional way, the way it existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years in the island.