Products that you can find in the monastery.    

As the monastery does not have big fortune and its income are almost minimal, all the efforts for the repairs in the Monastery but also the daily maintenance of the animals are supported in the donations of believers and in the sale of certain commodities that are produced in the Monastery.
Here you can see some of the products that are produced in the Monastery and you can acquire helping and supporting in this way the efforts for the continuation of the work of father Daniel.

Natural Pharmaceutical and Aromatic Herbs.
Inside the limits of the forest of Monastery in places that are not used for other cultivations, and accordingly has not become any use of chemists or fertilizers in the soil, are collected and after suitable natural treatment are offered various herbs for pharmaceutical or aromatic use. Some of them are:

  • Sage (Salvia Officinalis)
  • Tea of mountain (green local tea)
  • Chamomile
  • Origanum (Wild Marjoram)
  • Thyme and other.

Various souvenirs.
Also in the Monastery you can find various handmade souvenirs like small crosses, icons, etc. As well you can find two books published under the supervision of the Holy Monastery of Paleokastritsa, which the first of them has the title “CHRONICAL MEMORANDUM” and deal with the history of the Mirtiotissa monastery, while the second is dedicated, as witness and his title “THE LIBRARY OF THE MONASTERY OF VIRGIN MARY OF MYRTIOTISSA OF CORFU” in the books and in the documents that were found in the library of Monastery.