Welcome to our website.
Welcome to our website.    

There is a famous island in the Ionian Sea known with the name of Corfu.
Is one of the places that most of the people all around the world
are dreaming to visit.
This makes Corfu one of top favourite tourist destinations.
Every summer thousands of visitors are coming to the island in order to have some days away from stress in the beautiful beaches, to wander in the (kantounia) the narrow alleyways of the Venetian old town, to spend some time for exploring the two fortresses and to have some fun in the islands nightlife.
However, for the traveller who wants to see something more from what the tourist industry of the island offers to him there is also another side of Corfu,
the true one, the non touristy, which for many is the best.
Keeping in mind all these we created this website with a view to bring to light a part of this “other” side of Corfu to you and to show you a place especial, unleavened from the time and almost from all kinds of development. The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Myrtidiotissa
A monastery that was built about four hundred years ago remains up to today alive trying through everyday struggle of father Daniel to overcome the deterioration of time